Reading – our everyday activity we just cannot be without!

Bookshelves! We never seem to have enough bookshelves! Doesn’t matter how many we have and even when I get a a new bookcase and reorganise everything we never seem to have enough space for all our books! Well, obviously I know that I am the only one to blame as books are my passion and vice at once. Since I was a little I always had a book with me that I was reading and since then I have accumulated a rather extensive library. I just cannot imagine my life without them! Since Teddy was born I have gave in and started to use a reader in my phone and only because the only time I get to read MY books is at night and the light was waking him up. Until then I was firmly against electronic reading devices because they are just not the same. I just love the smell of a new book and feel the pages running through my fingers.


I have started to read to Teddy when he was in my tummy and then from the first day he was born and he somehow got the love for books from me! He wants to read all the time and I mean all the time, if we are at home and I sit down he will keep bringing me book after book after book,  he wants to read when eating dinner or even when having a bath, if we go out and there is a book somewhere or something resembling one, we have to read it. Lately he has been spending more and more time by reading on his own which is a joy to watch!


We do loads of activities throughout the day but reading is one thing that we do every single day!

I consider reading as one of the most important activity we do as it is such a great time that we spend together, bonding but reading also helps children to develop their imagination, their listening and language skills and understanding of the world. 


Here I would like to share with you some of our Montessori friendly books that we are currently reading. When looking for books these are the factors I look for.

I look at the illustrations first as they are those that catch my attention, are they beautiful and realistic? Can you actually recognise the animal in the book? I do not like if the illustrations are too cartoony or they are not proportional.

Then I look at the content, is it rich and engaging and also is it realistic? I prefer books which have a hero that we can relate to or books that broaden our horizon on a certain subject or topic we are looking at but are captivating in the same time. I do not stay away from fiction all the time as some have beautiful  and meaningful stories that will capture us in. Here are some of the most frequently read books at the moment:


Metamorphosis has became Teddy’s favourite world as this book has captured the whole family and is an everyday must read! Butterfly is patient is filled with breathtaking illustrations of butterflies and their caterpillars. The text is short but engaging and contains all the fact and interesting details. Teddy loves naming the caterpillars and matching them to their butterflies. (you can see my writing in the book, its just names in Czech as that is the language I use with Teddy and I cannot remember them all!) You can get a copy here UK and US


Nest is Noisy is another gorgeous book from the same edition as the previous butterfly books and there is few more be sure to check them out! UK and US


Teddy absolutely adores this book set in African village about little girl called Handa taking various fruit to her friend and loosing them all on the way to cheeky animals but getting a big surprise at the end. Beautifully illustrated!  UK and US


This is another favourite book. Its a story about a scout bee and its busy day finding a nectar on an autumn day. It sounds boring I know, but Teddy has been captivated and we have been reading it for few months now on daily bases. UK and US


This book is from the same edition (Nature stories in the UK/Read and wonder in the US) as the Flight of a Honeybee but covers the frogs life cycle. Pretty story about a little girl whose mam is showing her how to raise frogs from eggs. UK and US 


The Snail trail, yep that covers the whole book its all about a snail trail through the garden. Simple short text accompany gorgeous illustrations and get the avid little readers hooked. We have to read it few times every time! UK and US


This cute little books with flaps takes you across the world to few little countries giving you a sneak peak to their traditional cuisine. We love it! UK and US


I just love, love, love this book and looking at getting my hands on other books from this author. Its such a heart warming story about a boy who gets his eyes opened when exploring the wonders of the forest that is hiding beneath the surface.  UK and US


This is very cute book introduces grasshoppers in very witty way. It is small but covers loads of information from their life. UK and US 


This is a very sad story about animals of the rain forest who relies on the trees for shelter and food when machines come in destroying everything in its path. My husband finds it bit depressing but I believe the topic of deforestation is important and shouldn’t be avoided. Teddy absolutely loves it. It has simple but captivating illustrations. UK and US 


This is another heartfelt story about a nature’s struggle to overcome the terrible damage caused by men. The main character is a young boy Peter who witnesses his favourite place changing and never being the same after a tanker accident. UK and US


Do you know these Shine a light books? We absolutely love them and have pretty much every single one that was published. You need to use a torch/ lamp and shine it from behind of the page to see what is hiding on the picture.  Teddy also likes reading them in his den or under a blanket or he simply holds the book against a window. This one is abut the life on the planet Earth and you can see inside of a volcano, jerboas  hiding in a dessert or giving you a look behind the surface to see a whole iceberg.  UK and US



We just love these illustrations! This story about a water hole takes you around a word counting animals 1-10 but what else is great each page has 10 more animals hidden in the pictures, all native to the specific country. you can see their pictures and names on those strips at the top and the bottom of each page. Teddy loves trying to spot them all! And its great book to accompany our Animals of the world work! UK and US


This book is full of sweet short poems for each month taking you slowly through all the seasons and the illustrations are just gorgeous! UK and US


This is another lovely book from the nature stories edition looking at different insect which we can find in our garden. UK and US


Little beauty is a sweet story about a gorilla living in captivity who is in a need of a friend. We love the story and the illustrations are just stunning! UK and US 


This clever book introduces the topic of various food and international cuisine. We had it for a year and is still one of the most frequent reads! UK and US


Last but not least we love this lovely story about a sibling rivalry. Teddy is an only child so far but he just loves the story asking to read it all the time. UK and US 


Well this is all for today, hope some of the books were inspiration to you and we would love to hear what books your children love to read!!

Teri & Teddy


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