Magnetic slime

Do you love playing with slime? We do! there is something really therapeutic about it…the squishy texture or the way it stretches, one minute its runny and stringy and another firm and bouncy. We also love experiments that have an element of surprise and even magic (if you haven’t already check out our HOT ice experiment or erupting volcano) so when I came across the magnetic slime, I knew instantly that we have to try it! It was amazing, we were both astounded by it as was the rest of the family!! It was quick to make, once I figured out how much stuff to put in, I have never made a homemade slime before so first two attempts ended up in a bin! so if you are an experienced slime maker you will have this ready in no time!

I need to stress that this is not an activity for little children who still tend to put things in their mouth as the magnets and the magnetic powder are not safe to inhale. I do not want to scare you as it is amazing experiment and you will have loads of fun playing with it and finding all the different ways it moves, just be vigilant and wash their hands after play. Teddy is 2.5 years old, he does not usually put things into his mouth but I always let him play with it only under my supervision.


If you know how to make slime, I’d recommend to stick to your trusted recipe and only add the magnetic powder when still in liquid phase but this is what we used.
  •  2 tbsp full of magnetic powder (ferrous-ferric oxide, Fe3O4), we got it here:UK USA
  •  100 ml of school glue / PVA glue, we used PVA glue from a pound shop but you can get some here:  UK  USA
  •  2 tsp of Laundry starch, we used powder, this one: UK , USA you can substitute with liquid starch USA
  • neodymium magnets (you need these as normal ones are not strong enough) we got ours on eBay, there is loads of links for different prices
You will also need couple of bowls, a spoon and warm water if using powder starch:
Lets get started!!

Empty the 100 ml of glue into a bowl and mix in the magnetic powder

In another bowl mix in the starch (we used way too much 2 tsp will be enough) with warm water, you want to get a runny, liquid consistency resembling milk
Then start adding the starch mix into your glue mix, we started with couple of tea spoons at first adding another one if needed. you wonder how will you know when you haven’t made slime before? Well, here is when I went wrong at first, I have followed a recipe and added all the starch mix and it went very hard, unable to move towards the magnets.
You want your slime runny but not sticky so here is what to watch for! when you start adding your starch mix (or the liquid starch) add just a little bit and watch if it changes consistency and starts to becoming stringy and sticky. Mix for a minute and if its still too runny add another spoonful and mix again.

The best way to make it is to just get your hands stuck in and knead it like you would knead a dough, you can add little bit more starch if its still too runny but do not over do it, it takes time to make it. Here is a video of me making it and this is exactly how it should look like, it looks still very sticky but in the same time I’m able to take it off my hands easily, it only took another minute of working it before it was ready:

To see its ready you will be able to mould it into a ball but in the same time stretch it long way as Teddy is doing on this picture!

But if you are just like me, very impatient, get the magnets out and see the slime move!!

We had loads of fun making the slime rise toward the magnets, move in different directions, almost like dancing. If you haven’t seen already, have a look at our video on Facebook: Mama and son time Facebook page

Lets see it stretch as far as you can, without breaking it!
Or Teddy’s favourite! Let the magnet be eaten by the slime!! just place it near it and watch the slime quickly wrapping all the way around it
The best think is the slime will keep for ages if well looked after! Just put it in a air tight container or zip seal bag after playing and it will keep fresh for up to a year!
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